Romantic overnight stays in Sydney don’t get any better – hear the waves lap as you enjoy a seafood platter, watch the stars and appreciate your time out on the water.

As you push off from the dock aboard our beautiful vessel, the hustle and bustle of the outside world will slip away into the water.

Sit back on the deck with your partner, relax and take in the magnificent spectacle of Sydney Harbour at night.

What can be more magical than a night out on the harbour in the company of loved ones? Gaze up at the twinkling stars and be lulled by the gentle lap of the water. Sure to be an unforgettable and magical night!


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Guests 49
From$1000 / hr
From$790 / hr


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From$375 / hr


Guests 30
From$750 / hr
From$1200 / hr


Guests 36
From$1500 / hr


Guests 42
From$990 / hr

Ghost II

Guests 110
From$2800 / hr

Ghost I

Guests 36
From$1200 / hr

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